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Summer Home Tour Series- Seeking Lavendar Lane

Good Morning everyone! It is bittersweet for me today, as I am introducing the last guest in my Summer Home Tour Series for 2015. Bitter, because this series is coming to an end and I will miss sharing it as well as it representing the end of the lazy and fun filled summer days. Yet sweet because it has been such a wonderful experience meeting these wonderful bloggers and sharing their beautiful homes with you, all of our wonderful readers! Don't worry though, I have all the traditional fall line-up and exciting things to share for the holidays, some with a few of the bloggers you've met during this series. ;) Sooooo, 
Welcome to the grand finale tour of the 2015 Summer Home Tour Series with Deb from...
(Drum roll and symbols, please!!!)

Seeking Lavendar Lane! {Blow them away Deb!!! :)}
 This has been one fast summer but I have to admit I am getting that itch for Fall. I already started a few small projects to get this post couldn't come any later. So happy to share my summer home tour and so grateful to be here at the Shelstring Blog. Welcome to my home! One of the first rooms you will see when entering our house is the Living Room. A great entrance to the house that has neutral tones with some pops of black and white and green. I especially love having our planked wall to hang coats on and add that farmhouse touch. My absolute favorite accessory here are the two photos above. Adding pops of green and nature to the inside. These are some photos that I printed out from Instagram. Having the black and white contrast is one of my favorites and bringing them to our DIY Roman Shades brings this wall together really nicely.   
Entryway Summer
Having space for the kids to sit and do crafts and the cabinets filled with toys creates function in this not so casual room.
Living room
Just posted last week about these added touches. The faux shutters and the floating shelf over the couch complete this wall really nicely.
Shuter and Shelf
The TV stand was an Ikea hack and I built this Blanket Ladder using pallet wood.
Grey and White living Room
We also DIY'd this Restoration Hardware Knock off Dining table. For the summer I added some greenery to the napkins that I picked from our backyard.
Dining table close up
In our Kitchen, this is my newest addition...our chalkboard wall! Which I am LOVING...this wall needed a dramatic change..and I love how it's coming together.
Though, our dining room still needs some finishing touches...coming this Fall!
Chalkboard Wall kitchen and dining room
Here is my White farmhouse kitchen. I love a white and bright kitchen and we created this entire kitchen two years ago for less than $400...with the new Ardex Feather finish countertops that we did during 4th of July weekend.
Ardex Feather Finish Counters and White Kitchen
Last room on the downstairs is our Family room. The place we unwind and hang out in mostly. Though it's small in size it really has that cottage style comfortable feeling that my family and I really enjoy. In the summer we really enjoy having the sliding door open and let in the warm air.
Seeking Lavender Lane Family Room Summer Tour

Summer Rustic Vignette Coffee Table
Finally our backyard has been getting a mini makeover by updating our Patio table and adding Rustic $0 Wood Shutters.
rustic patio table
Thank you so much for touring my home for the Summer...this was so fun to share!

Thank you so much Deb for being such a gracious host, and to all of you...isn't her home amazing?! What a wonderful tour to wrap up this series!! Her special touches of functionality and beauty are so inspiring to me. You have got to check out her beautiful blog and see all the projects she has been up to. There are so many you will NOT want to miss. 
Thank you everyone for sharing with me in this series, and for enjoying each and every tour. It wouldn't have been the same without you. 

Project Challenge #8- Chicken Wire or Screening

Hello my wonderful friends and welcome back to another Project Challenge

What does that mean for those of you who are new? It means that I, with a few of my favorite blogger friends, have challenged each other once a month to share a project that we create using an assigned material. This is done in hopes that we will complete some of those projects we have been putting off for some time, as well as inspiring you to do the same!
This month's chosen material was chicken wire or screening. Origionally, I thought I would finally finish those screen doors I've been putting off for the back doors, but then I decided to finish a project that has been sitting and begging for completion for the last few months. 

I have this "trouble spot" in my dining area next to my fireplace that has been a decorating challenge for me throughout the whole 10 years we've lived here. Though I like the open shelf country look, this just wasn't working for me. 
Finally, while on the Sweet Salvage (where I have a retail space) Facebook page, I saw a cabinet that I had seen in the shop, but struck me as I viewed it on the computer. I Knew then what I wanted to do with this space. Why not make it into a cupboard?!
First I backed it with some of our old fencing and framed it with pine boards leftover from the board and batten in our little girl's room. 
Then I made doors and backed them with chicken wire. 
This was a fail because the sides of the doors were rickety, there was a split right down the edge of the left door, and the hinges were too small. 
Try again.
Thus, the reason for the months of dely.
Knowing I had needed to finish something for this awesome challenge, I decided to start all over again and create new doors. Here's how it was done...

First I cut all the boards down to size, making the wood of the frame wider. These are 4" pine boards on the sides and 2 1/2" on the top and bottom. 
I drilled a pocket drill hole (from my new toy...*squeel*--perk to new projects!) into each side of the top and bottom boards so that they would be more secure this time around. This was part of the reason I created new doors, the boards weren't wide enough to do that before. 
Then I secured the boards in place with 1" screws.
Next I primed the boards with two coats of water based primer, and painted with another two coats.
After adding chicken wire to the back, they were ready to hang.
I used gate hinges because I had an epiphany that they would add the perfect look and character, while being the right size for the doors. 
This was the funnest part for me! 
Then I added gate handles to complete the look.

Adding the dishes that I inherited from my great Aunt Stella, was like the frosting on the cake.
I had displayed them on these shelves before, but never did I love it the way I do now!!
Now, that awkward space has become the perfect home for my very treasured keepsakes and keeps precious memories in open, yet safely closed, view.
Like a beautiful museum display... 
only accessible for when we use them. Hehe!
What do you think? Can I chalk it up to another successful Project Challenge?
Next month's challenge? A rusty item. I'm rubbing my hands together for this one!!
 go check out all the inspiring projects my other blogger friends came up with!

Beyond the Picket Fence
Fern Creek Cottage
Sew a Fine Seam

Summer Home Tour Series- The 2 Seasons

Welcome to the last two weeks of our Summer Home Tour Series. I'm doing my best to cram in all the goodness left of summer into the last couple of weeks we have here. I know that many of you have already started school, but we have a couple of precious weeks left and are enjoying every single bit of it. So to continue enjoying the beauty the season has to offer, let's visit Jordan today from The 2 Seasons! 
You might recognize the name of her blog, since her mother also showed us around her beautiful home in July, so get ready for more amazing goodness. Come on!! 

Hello, everyone. My name is Jordan, and I have been writing a blog with my mother for over four years called The 2 Seasons. She gave you a summer tour of her home earlier in the summer, and I am happy to show you summer things we did to our house.

The irony about this summer tour is that since I made the commitment to do this tour, my husband has been transferred to Charlotte, NC from Syracuse, NY. He will begin working in his new position in just a few days. We are thrilled about this new adventure. We put our 1928 home on the market, but before the For Sale sign was even put in our yard, we were under contract with the first couple who saw it. We then took a trip to Charlotte to find our new home and just returned home. Believe me, I am thrilled to be returning to the south.

  Painted Concrete Stairs

Summers are short in Syracuse, and so we sure take advantage of it. We try to spend as much time outside as possible, and we spiffed up the outdoors of our 1928 Craftsman bungalow. For instance, so that our home would have the best curb appeal possible, we painted a faux runner on our front steps and then added some potted plants. The steps aren't very attractive normally, but this simple and inexpensive paint job really improved not only the look of our steps but the house's entire front. It took just a few hours to do it.

Window Boxes

We added window boxes to the front of our house to enjoy some beautiful blooms and to add another dimension to our curb appeal.

    DIY Patio- The 2 Seasons

Backyard- The 2 Seasons

We spend most of our evenings in our fenced-in back yard so our active German short-haired pointed can get plenty of exercise. The first year we lived in our house, my husband and I built a patio out of pavers. It was a lot of back-breaking work, but we had a great sense of accomplishment when it was finished. I have added some planters in this area that also are full of colorful flowers.

    Updating your garage door  

Our garage is detached, but we didn't forget about it. We added nice hardware to the plain garage door to make it look better, and we place planters on both sides of the garage doors.

  Window boxes- The 2 Seasons

The 2 Seasons

We also added a window box to the garage's only window just so we can have more color in the summer.

Movie on the lawn

One of our annual traditions is hosting a summer movie on the lawn party. We rig up a screen and old fashioned movie "curtains" on our garage. If you have never done this, we highly recommend it. We select a movie for all ages, invite everyone on our street, enjoy fun snacks and watch a movie. Since we are moving, it won't happen this year, but we hope to have this tradition at our new home. You can read about our movie on the lawn parties here, here, and here.


Square foot garden

We have an awkward area between our house and driveway, and we decided to put it to work. We built a square foot garden, and we can enjoy fresh vegetables from spring until the first frost. The other advantage is that the green plants soften the exposed foundation. It's another simple and inexpensive way to make a negative about our home's outdoors into a positive

    Fall Porch Update  

When we moved into our house, the teeny back porch was kind of a catch all rather than a usable space. My mother and I painted it, and for a while it looked like this. We recently upgraded it with a settee and coffee table. I spend my mornings on the porch drinking coffee and working on our blog.

Living Room

As far as the inside of our home goes, we switch out the pillows for summer colors, always have fresh flowers around, and open the windows to let the fresh air in. You can see a full tour of our home here.


We want to thank Michele for giving us the opportunity to share summer at our home with you. We would love for you to stop by our blog, The 2 Seasons and take a look around. Please sign up for a free subscription so you can get our blog sent directly to your email. Have a wonderful week-end.


Did you love that yard?! And the neighborhood movie night....lovin' the idea myself. I am now so inpired to paint my front porch and finish an area in our yard with some pavers in hopes that it adds as much character as this sweet yard. Now, you just must hop on over to The 2 Seasons and see their full home tour. I promise you will not be disappointed! ;)
See you next Friday for our final tour, 

Dose of DIY Blog Hop- Lighting

I have to say that as soon as our group decided on what the theme for August would be, I knew right away what I wanted to work on. Sometimes you need a good challenge to get things moving, right? 
So welcome to our monthly Dose of DIY Blog Hop!
To be honest, my original idea didn't end up winning out in the long run. The lighting projects just kept piling up in my garage since Jen, the owner of Sweet Salvage where I have a retail space, keeps reminding me that I need more lighting in my room.
However, I immediately I knew what to do with this lamp I found at a yard sale for about 2 bucks.

Summer Home Tour Series- Sew A Fine Seam

Today I'm excited to share a beautiful 100 year old home tour by someone I have had the pleasure of getting to know while working together these past months in my Project Challenge group. You might recognize her home from our Christmas home tour blog hop, where I first discovered her myself, as well. As you are about to see, everything she does has such a special touch, you can't wait to see what she is going to come up with next. I'm delighted to bring you Jill from Sew A Fine Seam.
2014 head shot (1 of 1)
blog header safs wide