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Fall Home Tour Blog Hop!

So I have a confession to make. Pictures are not my strong suit. You're probably thinking something similar to what my 14 year old son would say, "no der Sherlock". With that out of the way, I just want to give you the warmest welcome ever to my Fall tour!
I'm teaming up with some incredibly fun bloggers that will also be sharing their homes throughout the next 5 days. So visit the rest of today's  tours at the end of mine by clicking their links,

 If you're new here, you'll soon find that touring my home isn't something I venture out to do that often. It's intimidating to me. Well, that and the fact that my house is always so in the midst of a project of one kind or another that it is hardly ever presentable enough for my liking. 
Friends are so gracious when they make excuses for me and say things like, "you have seven kids, I don't know how you would ever do what you do". 
I take ownership though when I say that particular excuse ran dry after the oldest two moved out, taking the numbers down a notch. In all fairness, I'm the one making the messes. I'm one of those people that loves to be overly busy. If there isn't madness, I create madness. 
Anyway, enough of the blah, blah, blah, already.
Come on in and let me show you a few things I did this year to bring Fall into our home! 
The porch got a brand new makeover. It really hasn't seen much change since the makover I gave it at the beginning of the summer. 
Needless to say, it was tired!
I wanted something really simple this time. I've been really reorganizing and cleaning up inside the home lately, so the need to have things feel a lot simpler is magnified. I wanted it to feel inviting and welcoming, without all of the extras. It still has quite a bit as it is.
The weather hasn't really been chill enough to make me feel like it's time to whip out the sweaters. Usually that's the first sign of Fall for me. I love sweaters, wearing layers, boots...yeah. That's my thing! So buying pumpkins on what turned out to be a day where I should've worn something warm helped me get a little more into the vibe of the season. So if you're not feeling it right now, I highly recommend you pop a pumpkin or two in your cart at the grocery store. It's amazing what such a little gesture might do to help speed that along. 
The Cinderella pumpkin is for my 7 year old girl. It's a tradition. 
The sweet pumpkin is mine. I'm going to make pie with it. 
Inside I finally got the mantel fixed in a way that I'm happy with. It's been a looooong process. I will be sharing my DIY mantel later this month.
I found the lanterns on a buy one get one free sale at Fred Meyer last week. I practically squeeled in the store. I've been looking for over a year with bare hooks just jutting out. I'd just decided to take them down when I found these. 
The apothacary jar is filled with those pokey balls that fall from the trees. I don't know what kind, but we always crunch them walking around our block. These were collected one morning while talking to my Mom on the phone.
I was really happy to find some wheat at Home Goods. Another hard to find item around here. 
The family photo is my favorite. The last one of all of us before the two older boys left home and started college and serving 2 year missions. 
The shutters are hiding what I call our fireplace eye sore. It is in the works at being beautified, but is on the back burner while our Master bath is under renovations. 
There were a few small changes in here. Mostly the mantel, the fur pillows, and the side table.

Here is displayed a transferwear teacup I found at the Goodwill one morning. I bought two sets to sell in my shop space. Once one of them sold, I brought the other home. It made me realize I didn't want to let go of it. The fun thing is that when I watch "When Calls the Heart" (a series on the Hallmark Channel), they eat and drink out of this exact set. It makes me wish I had the entire set.
 Now that we're speaking dishes, here we are in the dining room. It was fun getting ready for Fall because one of the many great things about this season is the food. I got a few mini pumpkins for each person's plate. 
The children love having their own pumpkins and this makes it special for them. 
I picked up a package of these "give thanks" plates from Home Goods as a reminder to always be grateful. A principle we've really beeen trying to instill in our children.
While I was at the market, I came upon these fun mini pears. I had never seen them before. They are called Seckel pears. So fun I had to bring some home to try. They are delicious and sweet!
For the centerpiece I decided to bring that old crate in from the garden and cleaned it real good. The bottom of it got pretty rotten from being outside for so many years. 
I tucked a burlap sack in the middle and used the heirloom butter churn as a vase again for some Hydrangeous and cat tails. I didn't intend to keep the arrangement with the cat tails, but ended up liking the Fall look they give the arrangement. 
I love the way table setting came together just in time for company coming for dinner. 
The hutch has some special additions of fresh pears, a mini pumpkin and some red wheat. The picnic basket is one I picked up at one of my favorite vintage stores Treasures of the Heart
The galvanized bucket holds some kettle corn from one of our favorite farms, Lone Pine. It is delicious and quite a tradition around here. Each Fall we eat the kettle corn at the farm while the children play at the playground and then pet the goats and run through their hay maze. We look forward to it every year and then go home with a load of apples.
My children love bagels, so the table with the twisty legs holds a few for bread with our soup for dinner.
This leads us into the kitchen area where a plate of jumbo pumpkin and chocolate muffins wait for hungry children for an after school snack. This also serves as an excellent breakfast for a rushed morning.

I found this wonderful bench at Treasures from the heart a few months ago. I'm struggling with the idea of whether to paint it. It is the perfect height for my small children. The apple basket holds some Johnathon apples. So yummy and perfect for homemade applesauce!
 This picnic basket is a Goodwill find. My cleaning lady brought me all these ears of corn after I gave her a load of vegetables from our garden. It is the perfect place to store them until we can eat them.

 I love hanging old house numbers I find on my treasure hunts on various things. I think it gives them a special touch. Nine is my favorite lately since we have 9 people in our family. 
 This candle is one where the jar broke and I wasn't going to be able to burn it. I love the smell of it, so I melted the wax into a canning jar. Now I burn it every day. It smells so good!!

Well. That wraps up my tour, Thank you so much for joining me!

 What is your favorite thing about Fall? what have you done to prepare your home? Go on over and see what these talented women have done to dress up their homes for the season!
Come back soon ;)

Project Challenge- Rusty Item

Welcome to another round of Project Challenge! This month is exciting because we have 3 new members here with us today...Yippee!! You'll have to play a guessing game at the end to see if you know who they are. 
 I won't really make you guess. 
I can't wait to introduce them really.

Christine from Little Brags
Robin from Happy At Home
and Lucy from Patina Paradise
I hope you'll get to know them better by visiting their blogs and seeing what inspiring contributions they add to the challenge! 
Our new friends are joining on the perfect month because new and old go so well together, wouldn't you agree? 
New members and old items. I have to admit that anything rusty really catches my eye and I have a hard time letting them out of my hands at the salvage yard. The older and rustier, the better!
That is exacly how I came upon these water wheel pots. 
They were so perfectly rusty and just screaming for me to take them home. 
Just like any other poor item around here, they served their time in the garage with the idea that I would do something with them once I "can get around to it". I've mentioned this before, and I'll say it again, without this project challenge, these poor pots would still be in the garage crying for attention. (Thank you September challenge!!) I'll be honest, this idea isn't originally mine. I just love the blog Buckets of Burlap where Becky has one of these herself. 
Hers is not rusty though.
 I thought to just put numbers on them...and just didn't want to.
 I've always loved hers, so I had to do what she did.
Once again I whipped out my cricut and made a stencil of the word "EAT".

Another reason to love rust. All the history and character are already there for you!
I tucked in a few different herbs from the grocery store for some fresh greenery.

This new addition added an element I didn't realize we were missing, to this part of the kitchen. The perfect sentiment for dining.
From cutting out the stencil to hanging the finished project, it took me a maximum of 10 min.
Lovin' it! What do you think?!
What's your favorite rusty item?
Now it's time to visit all of these other awesome blogs (from the links below). There's enough inspiration to keep all your water wheel pots full, I'm tellin' ya! 
Have fun and don't forget to join us for next month to see all the creative things that can be done with HVC or Duct tape. Hmmm...the wheels in my poor little brain are spinnin' now! ;)

Dose of DIY blog hop- Decorating with Pumpkins

Hello my happy friends! It's time for another Dose of DIY!!
 I'm so glad to finally be sharing a project with you today. It has been SO busy the last couple of weeks. We are still on old school time where our children start after Labor Day. Those first couple weeks were crazy with different hours and the first year that our district is doing all day kindergarten. My poor little sweety had a rough time in the beginning, but every day is getting better and she is adjusting. It's the first time in 21 years that I actually have all day to get things done with no half day preschooler or kindergartner. So far, it's not feeling like I have a ton of time on my hands, but little by little I'm seeing it come around. If you are a regular 'round these parts, then you know that fall is my favorite season. Even though I haven't gotten all of the fall and Halloween "stuff" down from the attic, I have created a few fun pumpkins to share today. Since this was in the making in my head for quite awhile now, it's so fun to have them be a reality! 
Truthfully, the idea of making pumpkins was triggered by Jen who is the owner of Sweet Salvage where I have my shop space. She told me that I needed to add a little fall. I was feeling a little hesitant since I want the style there to stay consistant. I'm sure you know what they say, though, it seems that your style will just come about because your tastes tend to stay the same. I'm really noticing that to be true here!

This year I've really enjoyed making wreaths, and covering lamp shades and trays with book pages. I just love them! I use books from old classics that I love. This one is made from Ethan Frome pages. If you've never read it, I think it's the perfect fall/winter read. Take care though, Edith Wharton loves to write a sad story...just ask my book group. 
Here's a quick pictorial on how it was done. Seriously one of the fastest, easiest projects EVER! The pumpkins are from the dollar store. I bought 3 little ones and 3 big ones for 2 of each style.
See, super fast and simple!
 The next one was made from leftover fabric from my drop cloth wing chair
Just wrap the pumpkin up with pleats in the same direction, tie with a favorite ribbon (here is a lace edged burlap like ribbon) and a spring from an old crib mattress I pulled apart years ago. 
 And last but not least, Here I mod podged a shopping sack, tied the top with black and white gingham ribbon and twisted a mattress spring into the top. 
They all turned out perfectly imperfect, just the way I like things...
should I re-name my blog? 

There's an idea! ;) 
Happy fall!!
Oh, but wait the fun is not over yet, please hop around and see all the wonderful ideas for decorating with pumpkins from my fellow creative blog friends!

Summer Home Tour Series- Seeking Lavendar Lane

Good Morning everyone! It is bittersweet for me today, as I am introducing the last guest in my Summer Home Tour Series for 2015. Bitter, because this series is coming to an end and I will miss sharing it as well as it representing the end of the lazy and fun filled summer days. Yet sweet because it has been such a wonderful experience meeting these wonderful bloggers and sharing their beautiful homes with you, all of our wonderful readers! Don't worry though, I have all the traditional fall line-up and exciting things to share for the holidays, some with a few of the bloggers you've met during this series. ;) Sooooo, 
Welcome to the grand finale tour of the 2015 Summer Home Tour Series with Deb from...
(Drum roll and symbols, please!!!)

Seeking Lavendar Lane! {Blow them away Deb!!! :)}

Project Challenge #8- Chicken Wire or Screening

Hello my wonderful friends and welcome back to another Project Challenge

What does that mean for those of you who are new? It means that I, with a few of my favorite blogger friends, have challenged each other once a month to share a project that we create using an assigned material. This is done in hopes that we will complete some of those projects we have been putting off for some time, as well as inspiring you to do the same!
This month's chosen material was chicken wire or screening. Origionally, I thought I would finally finish those screen doors I've been putting off for the back doors, but then I decided to finish a project that has been sitting and begging for completion for the last few months. 

I have this "trouble spot" in my dining area next to my fireplace that has been a decorating challenge for me throughout the whole 10 years we've lived here. Though I like the open shelf country look, this just wasn't working for me.